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Pet odor is caused from urine being trapped in the carpet fibers and underlay (padding). Pet urine is composed of water, urea, uric acid, yellow pigment, cholesterol, and enzymes. In time, rapid bacterial action will change the acidic urine into a highly alkaline compound called ammonia.  Ammonia can cause loss of fabric color, often mistakenly associated with the yellow color of urine. The bacterial activity releases an odorous gas. The gas is the foul odor endured and associated with pet odor. We offer safe effective methods to improve as well as completely remove pet odor.

Family pet

Keeping Pet Odor under control is a major concern for home owners.


Odor amplification is principle chemistry that pet owners unknowingly understand. Ever notice that pet odor is more prevalent in the summer? It is not paranoia. Urine spots are highly hygroscopic (absorptive) because the alkaline salts attract moisture from humidity. High humidity amplifies odor through fueling the salts in urine.

When your family pet urinates on your carpet, the urine readily penetrates the carpet fiber with the assistance of an extra few degrees Fahrenheit from body temperature. Gravity pulls the urine down to the underlay and often to the subflooring. As each layer becomes affected, the problem grows and the solution becomes more complex. When urine is given a prolonged period of time to infiltrate low permeability subflooring, wood or slab, the subflooring will need to be sealed to stop the odor. Often when a small problem is observed on the surface, there is usually a much larger problem below. 


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